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CRE Tip of the Week | Task Management

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Task Management

Do you use scraps of paper to track your to-do list? Can you find that piece of paper a week from now? Task management ultimately leads to time management. If you aren't managing your tasks, then you're not managing your time.

Nozbe is a simple program that I use keep my life more organized to save me from unnecessary headache.


  • Built for teams and individuals

  • Syncs with web-based calendars like Google Calendar

  • Delegate through the app

  • Free for basic task tracking

  • Free to try

  • Create task templates for repeat projects

  • Syncs and works great both on the phone and desktop

I don't care for all the bells and whistles of a lot of software in general. To me the layout and functionality was intuitive and clean. This has been a huge time saver, keeps me on track, and keeps the services I provide as a broker consistent. Don't let another important task fall through the cracks or important details be ruined by a cup of coffee. Nozbe is free to try.

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