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Jacksonville Riverside Development Activity March 2018

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Apartment Development at 500 Bishopgate Lane in the Riverside District

I spotted this active construction site from the river of TriBridge Residential, LLC, an Atlanta-based developer. According to the news article, the plan is for two luxury apartment buildings on either side of Bishipgate Lane for a combined unit count of 125 apartments.

Addresses for the two are 500 Bishopgate Lane and 550 Bishopgate Lane.

My rough estimate for completion timeframe would be at the end of 2018 to Spring of 2019.

The latest article I could find was Derek Gilliam's article from The Jacksonville Business Journal New luxury apartments coming to Riverside Avenue near Brooklyn

Jake Ammon is a Vice President with Addison Commercial Real Estate in Jacksonville, FL. He specializes in commercial investment properties. Contact him at or call Jake at 1-904-834-9809.

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