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CRE Investor Tip of the Week | DSTs

Updated: Sep 1, 2019

Owning and managing commercial real estate investments is a tough business. Fortunately the hard work and sweat equity can really off with investments that enable us to be financially free of a standard job and meaningless work. But what if you are ready to transition into a new chapter in your investing career to be able to take extended vacations or be there for more family events?

2 common hurdle preventing owners from transitioning into that next chapter are:

  • Unable to locate a viable 1031 exchange property

  • The high amount of taxes due upon sale

Why give up a steady cash-flow to pay the full brunt of the deferred taxes from years of 1031 exchanges? What if there was another option?

Sell your investment today and 1031 exchange your property into a Delaware Statutory Trust (DST)

Simply put: An alternative investment option to 1031 exchange proceeds into. From the outside it looks like a REIT but with much more control over the transaction to maintain compliance with IRS rules for 1031 exchanges.

Contact us today to find out more about this CRE investing solution.

Jake Ammon is a Vice President with Addison Commercial Real Estate in Jacksonville, FL. He specializes in commercial investment properties. Contact him at or call Jake at 1-904-834-9809.

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